Hummus and Havarti Grilled Cheese

Roasted red pepper hummus, tomato, and soft havarti melted between two pieces of sprouted wheat bread!

Hummus and Havarti Grilled Cheese //

Let me introduce you to the wonders of hummus in grilled cheese! It’s kinda amazing and it will elevate your easy, quick grilled cheese sandwiches to a whole new level! Today, I’m gonna give you this non-recipe (if it’s a sandwich, I’m not sure if that really counts as a recipe!) plus my favorite three tricks to making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich!

Trick #1: Use a good bread. Pick out a hearty, wheat bread that you can really sink your teeth into! Or another thicker rustic bread like sourdough. (Not some soft white bread that disintegrates or just gets mushed flat.) I used a sprouted wheat bread that has great flavor, great texture, and just adds so much to the overall sandwich!

Trick #2: Toast both sides of the bread. Before putting your ingredients inside your sandwich, place your bread slices on your skillet to toast what will become the “insides” first! You’re going to love this trick because it makes your grilled cheese even more crunchy and, because the insides get toasted and warm, the cheese melts easier!

Trick #3: (Brace yourselves, this trick is a bit horrifying to some people.) Spread your bread with mayonnaise, not butter. And do this when you brown the inside and the outside! Mayo is a bit better than butter because (say that three times fast) it helps the bread crisp/fry more and gives a very subtle, but wonderful tang to the bread. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Just spread a thin layer on both sides of your bread and give it a go!

Hummus and Havarti Grilled Cheese //

Alright, so now that we’ve got those tricks sorted out, let me tell you about the scrumptious ingredients in this particular sandwich.

We’ve got some hummus, some Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to be exact. Making that hummus earlier this week was my inspiration for this sandwich! I’ve tried hummus on grilled cheese before, and, of course, it was awesome. So, why not take it up a level and make it with this spicy, flavorful hummus? This is the real superstar of this sandwich and, really, it tastes awesome. It’s adds a unique, Mediterranean vibe to your sandwich. Warm hummus is awesome – if you’ve never tried it, definitely do! And when you cook this sandwich, the hummus is going to get all warm and amazing and comforting like a bowl of mac and cheese.

Next, we’re adding some havarti. Havarti is a really mild, fairly soft cheese that works great for melting situations! With the strong flavor of the hummus, it is good to use a more mild cheese, but you can also feel free to experiment with other cheese too! Consider this recipe a springboard for all sorts of amazing hummus-filled grilled cheeses!

Finally, a little Roma tomato sneaked in for a nice tender, tangy addition. This sandwich needs a co-star to the hummus and the tomato is perfect for the job – it’s an extra pop of flavor!

Hummus and Havarti Grilled Cheese //

Hummus and Havarti Grilled Cheese //

What do you like in a grilled cheese? Have you had an wacky ones like macaroni and cheese-filled grilled cheese? I want to hear all about that!

Hummus and Havarti Grilled Cheese
Author: Rachel at Mesa Cooking Co.
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 sandwich
  • 2 pieces of hearty bread (like sprouted wheat)
  • A spoonful of mayonnaise
  • A few spoonfuls of hummus (Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is my fav, in my archives!)
  • Several thin slices of havarti (or other cheese)
  • 1 Roma tomato, thinly sliced
  1. Spread a thin layer of mayo on each slice of bread on both sides. Fry one side of each slice until toasted and browned on a large skilled over medium heat. Remove for a minute to add the fillings.
  2. Smooth a thick layer of hummus on one piece of bread (onto the already toasted side) and top with the Roma tomato slices. On the other piece of bread, layer the cheese (onto the already toasted side) and put the two bread pieces together, uncooked sides out.
  3. Return the sandwich to the skillet and cook until browned. Flip and cook the other side until browned.
Make gluten-free: Use a gluten-free bread and double-check that your hummus is gluten-free (my recipe is!)

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